How To Thread A Sewing Machine

In lay mans language, threading is referred to as passing one end of a thread through the eye of the needle. Though sewing machines come in various different types threading is almost same when doing manual threading. Though most sewing machines come with an easy to learn guide booklet; the following are steps taken on how to thread a sewing machine.

– The first step is to turn the hand wheel to a position whereby the needle will be at its highest point in treadle sewing machines or just press the needle up button in the automatic sewing machines.

– Make sure that the thread moves freely and has minimal tension by raising the presser foot.

– Make sure you place correctly a spool of thread on the spool pin and then ensure the spool is positioned where it is supposed to be by use of a spool cap.

– When the spool is correctly placed just pull the thread across the top side of the sewing machine via the first thread guide.

– Pull the thread to face position of the sewing machine, along the tension discs and finally through the next thread guide.

– At this stage you are heading to the take up lever whereby you pull the thread upwards direction making sure that it passes smoothly through the hole.

– Though most of the sewing machines come within built needle threader that make threading a walk in the park, manually at this level you have to pull the thread via the remaining thread guides till you make sure it passes through the eye of the needle. You are almost ready to go but you have to pull the thread through the sewing machine as the presser foot is up, then finally lower the presser foot making sure you pull the thread tenderly. If you have followed the steps correctly you’ll be able to note that the tension discs are engaged.

– The final stage is putting the bobbin in its place by ensuring that the bobbin tension spring is engaged. Also make sure that you place it in the correct directional position. Here comes the trickiest part where by you’ll have to raise the presser foot and hold the needle thread, running the needle in up and down motion so as to loop the needle thread around the bobbin thread. With utmost care pull the needle thread so as to accommodate the bobbin thread in the needle hole. Finally pull both threads under the presser foot towards the rear part of the sewing machine.

It is as easy as it sounds; just follow simple steps and you’ll be on your way to sewing with no time.

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